the band

Bad Mojo was born in May 1999 in the city of Macao (China).                                        
Macao is an x-portuguese colony in south of China.
The band first started with 3 portuguese students, Nuno Barbino,
David Redinha and Óscar Sousa.
After a few months Pedro Domingues joined. After a few years, all members except Nuno Barbino decided to travel together to England and begina new life in Brighton. Just recently (2006) another member joined the band, André Madeira, also an old friend from Macao. At the time, Bad Mojo are:
-Michael on drums and back vocals;
-David on guitar  and vocals;
-Lewis on bass and vocals;

One of the reasons that we came to England was that in Macao there was no
punk rock scene, there was no real understanding of what punk                              
music is in Macao. Bad Mojo, along with punk
bands Gutter (where Pedro was before Bad Mojo)
and Independent Mouths (with Filipe on drums, David s brother),
made quite an impact in Macao by bringing to people an unknown
style of music and a few new bands were born afterwards influenced also on our band.

Bad Mojo came to life under the influence of punk rock music
acquired on the internet. If it wasn’t for internet music
and the discovery of punk rock, the band would have
been different. Macao has very limited CD shops, where
the only punk music you can find is Green Day, not
even Ramones. Hong-Kong was our best source of punk albums.

We started as a punk and ska band, madly making music, so exited for
the fact that it really is possible to build audio that feels like music.
As we grew up and evolved, our limits to music started breaking and
we discovered the beauty of mixing any new or other genre of music with punk
rock, so it started happening. At the present date, Bad Mojo is still                           
a punk rock based band but with various styles of music, punk, ska, folk, world, electronic, classic, calm, rock.  We are a fusion. I see that making music is such a wide world of possibilities that it isn`t anymore about creating a style of music but it is about creating sound that is interesting or pleasant to the human ear.

Our history already records various concerts(although
for a 7 year story it’s a very small number of gigs),
many in Macao, some in England and others in North America.



David Redinha

Born 7 June 1979 in Huambo (Angola). Lived until 9 years   
old in Luanda (Angola), then moved to Macau (China) till 22, then moving to Brighton (England), where presently living.







Lewis Crook
Born on 8 of May 1991, in Uk.









Michael Bowerman

Born on 18 of April 1988, in Chichester. UK.










Pedro Domingues

Born 14 May, 1982 in Macau. Moved to Portugal at the age of 18, 
then Holland at 20 and presently in Brighton since the age of 21.







Óscar Sousa

Born in Portugal and lived most of his life in Macau.







André Madeira                                                     

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, on 29 of May 1980. Lived in portugal 83 when he moved to Macau. 1997 went back to Portugal where he lived still coming to England on 2004.







 other participants


          Nuno Barbino



       Born 23, May 1985 in Lisbon, Portugal.

       Lived in Portugal and currently and for many years in Macau.

       Initial member of the band has a drummer.

       Drums and vocals on the first 6 years of the band.




        Carina Ribeiro


       Born 30 of March of 1978, Portugal.

       An inspiration to the bands music.

       From the start was there with the band..

       Definitely the number one fan.

       No one ever supported this band more then her.





         Micaela Silva



       Born 17, June 1982 in Macau. Lived there untill the age

       of 23 when she moved to Brighton.

       Vocals on: "riming with Life"; "mary Lee" "fuck the System";

       "Love"; "i dont think i wish"; "white Powder"; "communiction";

       "the day will come;" "satseong"; "perspective"; "johnny the reaper".





         António Martins



       Born 15, April 1985 in Lisbon, Portugal.

       Lived in Portugal and Macau. Currently studing in Lisbon.

       Vocals, guitar and construction on songs:

       "tamos fodidos todos fodidos"; "punk meets wisdom"

       Bad Mojo fan number one. He used to be a young kid attending all our concerts.





           João Figueiredo


       Born 10, Julho 1982 in Lisbon, Portugal.

       Lived in Portugal and Macau. Currently living in Lisbon.

       Vocals on songs:

       "live with the people"; "chop somebody"; "technology";






              José Abecasis



       Born 13, February 1980 in Lisbon, Portugal.

       Lived in Portugal and Macau.

       Vocals on: "the sun always shines around you; the queers cover;"

       Classic guitar on: "Chop somebody".




            Alexandre Mendes



       Born 7, December 1980 in Lisbon, Portugal.

       Lived in Portugal, Macau and England.

       Synth drums on: "society is wrong (think to understand)"






            Ivan Nunes



       Born 13, July 1983 in Lisbon, Portugal.

       Lived in Portugal and Macau.

       Vocal on: no name, beer cigarrets and stuff, chop somebody,

       i want to live with the people, technology.



                   Filipa Sin




An old friend that sings in the songs "misconnection" and "sweety pie"






               Bleach Effect


Kiko and André, 2 friends from the band Bleach

Effect that invited Bad Mojo to create the song together "last breath"








                Ana Nunes



A friend from the past that recorded some back

vocals and screams on the song "fuck the system"








                Tiago Abreu



Gordo, a very old friend that did some back vocals on the song "oumun (macau)"












An old friend that sings in the song "i want to be happy"











A friend that sings in the song "i want to be happy"











A 10 years old friend from Brighton that sings and

made the lyrics for the song "the world"

back vocals on song "am da rasta man"











A beautiful long time friend that makes back vocals

in the song: "Am da Rasta Man"













We would like to thank: all these people who made part of our musical lives; Pedro Redinha who supported the band in many moments; all the people who contacted us via internet for interviews, cd making and more; all the bars and people who gave us the opportunity to play somewhere; all the studios and places we played; all the bands and music that influenced our music; and all the Bad Mojo members for being a part of this musical project.